Patchworks Level Prestige Edition for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus_image
PURE POCKET for Apple Pencil
Big fan of Apple Pencil but cannot find a perfect carrying pouch for them?
Patchworks PurePocket is a perfect carrying case for Apple Pencil or other Stylus pens.
Its adjustable band design makes PurePocket a perfect pair for any type of tablet, as
small as iPad Mini up to iPad Pro 12.9 inch display. Now you know where to put
and never worry about losing your Apple Pencil.
Patchworks Pure Pocket 002
Patchworks Pure Pocket 001
Purecover for 9.7inch iPad Pro
Patchworks Pure Cover 9
ITG Level Case for iPhone 6/6s & 6/6s Plus
The Slimmest Military drop proof case
Level Case is a dual layer case made of premium polycarbonate and TPU that provides better impact absorption while keeping simple and slimmer design than other boxy & bulky cases in the market. The case is specially designed 1mm higher than the surface of the ITG tempered glass screen protector when it is installed. All the buttons are easy to access and more precise for a better comfort. Port openings are wide enough for the compatibility with third party chargers and high-end headphones.
Military test
Level 1 iPhone6
ITG Camera_2
ITG Silicate
Strongest Glass “SILICATE”
ITG Silicate Tempered Glass
for iPhone 6s/6 & 6s Plus/6 Plus
ITG Silicate is made with alkali-aluminosilicate glass which is 60% stronger than normal tempered glass and considered to be the strongest glass available. ITG Silicate is applied with the highest level of coating for ultra smooth glass surface. All ITG series is processed with air vacuum dry type anti-fingerprint coating. It is considered to be the highest level coating technology available. You will simply notice once you experience ITG.