• Made of DuPont Kevlar, Stronger Than Steel
• Unbreakable Toughness – withstand weight up to 2 lbs
• Advanced Double Braided Nylon for abrasive resistant, flexible, lightweight and tangle free

• Built-In Surge Protector with certified 56k ohm resistor to stop power fluctuations and surges to your device

• Transfer Data 10X Faster with USB-C than your average USB cable

• Charge your device 4X Faster with certified Qualcomm Quick-charge 3.0

• Simple & clean design

• Protective Aluminum shields circuit board

• Anti-snap

• 1.5m / 5ft length

Patchworks-dura TYPE-C cable_001.png
Patchworks-dura cable lightning_FEATURE.
Patchworks-dura TYPE-C cable_003.jpg
Patchworks-dura TYPE-C cable_004.png